Mage Strike #2

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This review is from the second book in “The Enslaved Chronicles” named Mage Strike and written by R.K. Thorne. If you have not read the first book, please do so.  Now lets start by reading the description from goodreads.


The hard part should have been over. Former slave Miara and Crown Prince Aven have escaped with their freedom and their lives. From kidnapper and captive, they’ve grown into a powerful partnership. And they’ve returned to the mountain fortress of Estun, triumphant, to warn his people of the rising menace just across their border.

But escape was only the first step. War looms. Hundreds of mages still live in slavery. Neither the king nor the queen believes the people will support a foreign spy as crown princess, no matter how loyal Miara truly is. And enemy agents plot to keep Aven from the throne by any means necessary, be they mundane—or murderous.

On top of it all, the Dark Master has plans of his own: to enslave a vast mage army bound to his will alone. To obliterate all knowledge of the forbidden star magic, no matter the cost. And to get a little revenge too, while he’s at it.

Powerful new enemies, tenacious new allies, and earth-shaking magic join Aven and Miara in this second volume of the Enslaved Chronicles.


First off I need to say this. This book, the second of the series, is ten times better then the first. I could not stop reading and the story was amazing. I want Miara to marry me. Her character development was awesome, but of course I can’t because she likes Aven, and I don’t live in a fantasy world. This book as made my heart rate speed up so many times for different reasons. I can’t wait to read the third book of the series. I love the mixture between action, politics, and romance. There is really good balance in this book. Even if you might not have liked the first book, I would still recommend you read the second because it is ten times better. I have to give this book a gigantic 5/5.

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